Eating habits in Hungary
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This is a short essay written by a Hungarian girs on her personal eating habits.

My personal eating habits


As far as I am concerned eating correctly is a very important necessity of our life.To tell the truth I am a fan of eating.

If I have the opportunity I eat ( more or less ) five or six times a day, including hot meals and cold plates and I try to eat smaller portions.

We spend lots of time at school.Personally I have 6 days school per week. Under the given circumstances I have to be aware of the fact that I have to pay attention to my repast.

In the morning I eat breakfast around 6:30 before I go to school and I eat very slowly.Then for snack I eat a sandwich and some fruits and chocolate around 10,during the break.At 12 or 13 o’clock we have lunch break and I prefer eating hot meals,the best choice is eating in the restaurant,they have very tasty and delicious dishes.

If I have time and possibility I have some snack in the afternoon.It can be a sandwich or some fruits.Generally I eat after training,not before.For dinner( the time depends on my time schedule) I always eat hot meals,my Mum is a very good cook. Typically, I also enjoy cooking, particularly trying new recipes.

Vivienn Kelán