Eating customs in Hungary
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Written by Kate Fazekas   

Kiss Felicia has written the following lines on the Hungarian eating customs in the English class. She is studying to become a flight attendant.

Eating Customs in Hungary


Hungarian cuisine is famous and we are proud of our national dishes, such as tuffed cabbage, paprika chicken with sour cream and dumplings, fish soup, Újházi Chicken soup, Hortobágyi stuffed pancakes. We usually don't eat in a healthy way. Hungarians eat too much meat, bread, noodles and use too much fat and spices. But we don't eat enough fresh vegetables and fruit. That's why many people get fat when they become adults.

The best-known ingredient in Hungarian food is the red-powdered spice called paprika.
Other staples of Hungarian cooking include onions, cabbage, potatoes, noodles, and caraway seeds. Dumplings (dough wrapped around different kinds of fillings) are very popular as are cabbages or green peppers stuffed with meat and rice. Another favorite is the pancake called a palacsinta. It is often rolled or wrapped around different kinds of fillings.

Hungarians eat a lot of meat, mostly pork or beef. Many meat dishes are dipped in bread and then baked or fried. Hungarians also prepare many different kinds of sausages. The Hungarian national dish is meat stew. People outside Hungary call it goulash, but the Hungarians have several different names for it, including pörkölt and tokány. The dish they call goulash (gulyás) is actually a soup made with meat and paprika. Paprika is also a key ingredient in another national dish; a fish soup called halászlé.

The Hungarians are known throughout the world for their elegant pastries and cakes. Hungary is known for its wines, especially the sweet wines of the Tokay region.

There are plenty of different kinds of restaurants to choose from - Italian, Thai, vegetarian, etc.