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Written by Kate Fazekas   

some more essays written by the English Flight Attendant group members:

Eating customs in Hungary

Every country has special and very colorfull eating habits. The food  is different in India and also different in Polish. But this is normal, that’ s why can we taste that much savor  around the word.  In our country we also have traditional hungarian foods. In the real I don’t like the hungarian kitchen so much, because it’s too greasy to me. For hungarian foods we use almost the same materials : onion, lard, sausage and ofcourse the red pepper from Baja. We use a lot of pork and less chicken. And we don’t really like eating raw yegetables and salads. As side dish we usually eat fried or cooked potatoes, mashed potatoes or cooked red cabbage. So i can’t say that our food are typical fitness foods. I guess everybody know gulasch or fish soop or ” paprikás krumpli ”. they contain a lot of cardohydrate. For dessert we usually eat some kind of dough. We have varied of sweet yeast dough. We like eat it with wallnut, poppy. But we also like creamy cakes and cookies. We have traditional cakes. Forexample the Eszterházy or the Rákóczi. And I think our funniest sweets is the ” Barát füle ”.  So the hungarian kitchen is very spicy and fatty but fortunately we have our delicious fruit brandys to close the meal in hungarian way.

(Perjés Loretta)

My Personal Eating Habits

I am a 20 years old hungarian girl. I love the typical spicy and delicious hungarian foods as the most of hungarian. My personal favorite  is gulas soup, it is a famous soup in Hungary and in other places too.

An ordinary day I start with an abundant breakfast. I eat for example fried eggs, or some bakery with milk or with tee.

Usually in  the school i eat some fruits or some bakery as for breakfast. I love salty and sweet pastry too.

After school  I go home. My mother cooks every day for my family. Sometimes she cook soup and main course too, but often just main course. For example a pottage with stew, or stew with noodles. My brother and me like spaghetti, so my mother often cook it.

In the afternoon I do not eat so much foods. Only a yogurt or just a chocolate.

For dinner I make toast for myself, or something wich is  light ( some snack ) .


These are my personal eating habits. I think it is not the healthiest, but it is not the worth, beacuse I eat hot meal every day, wich is so important.

(Gyalókai Barbara)

Slimming diet


Nowadays many girls and women think that being fat is disgusting. Their opinion is that a women is beautiful when she is slim.

They do everything to loose their weight, like trying many type of slimming diet, doing sports or the worst: eating nothing. I know girls, who are so dedicated, but in normal ways. They go swimming twice a week or go running nevery morning.  I think this type of slimming diet is a good choice to loose weight.  It’s healthy and it keep them, fit.

I don’t agree when a 16 years  old young and slim girl eat nothing all day, or following strickt slimming diet just because she think she is fat . They don’t care what they are really doing with their body.

I am not opposed to slimming diet, because my mother lost 30 kilos keeping  a 90 days slimming diet.  She was so determined, and it has a result, now she is fit, healthy and slim, because she ate what the diet said.

Lots of teenager girls eat with keeping strickt slimming diet and they easily became anorexic or bulimic.

If a girl is anorexic it means that she thinks herself fat, although she is so slim and her weight is only 30-40 kilos. She doesn’t eat anything all day, just drink some water.

If a girl is bulimic it means that she eat normally, but after has a sense of guilt. She go to to toilette after the dinner or lunch or any type of eating, and vomit it.

I don’t think it’s normal, it’s better to do some sports or eat in  moderation, eat fuits and vegetables. It’s not the best way to keep fit if you eat

(Szabó Nóra)