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I do not want to leave anybody out so here you are some more "products".

Leila Bernadett:

Hungarian eating costums


In Hungary people usually have a large breakfast. Hungarian breakfast generally is an open sandwich with fresh bread or a toast, butter, cheese or different cream cheeses, túró cheese or körözött (Liptauer cheese spread), cold cuts such as ham, liver pâté (called májkrém or kenőmájas), bacon, salami, sausages, beerwurst or different Hungarian sausages. Even eggs, (fried, scrambled or boiled), French toast called bundáskenyér and vegetables (like peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, radish and cucumber) are part of the Hungarian breakfast. Sometimes breakfast is a cup of milk, tea or coffee with pastries, a bun, a kifli with jam or honey, or cereal like muesli and perhaps fruit. Children can have rice pudding (tejberizs) or Semolina Cream (tejbegríz) for breakfast topped with cocoa powder and sugar or with fruit syrup. Hot drinks are preferred for breakfast.

Lunch is the major meal of the day, usually with several courses. Cold or hot appetizers may be served sometimes (for example fish, egg or liver), then soup. Soup is followed by a main dish. The main dish is a dish including meat and salad, which precedes the dessert. Fruit may follow. In Hungary, pancakes are served as a main dish, not for breakfast. Salad is always served with meat dishes, made of lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions or a simple thin sliced cucumber salad in vinaigrette or potato salad.These salads are eaten as appetizers or even as a main course.

Some people and children eat a light meal in the afternoon, called uzsonna, usually an open sandwich, pastry, slice of cake or fruit.

Dinner is a far less significant meal than lunch. It may be similar to breakfast, usually an open sandwich, yogurt or virsli (hot dog sausage) with a bread.

Reichert Edina:

Hungarian eating habits

Hungarians are especially famous about their soups, desserts, pastries and stuffed pancakes (like the Hungarian hot fish soup called halászlé, cooked differently on the banks of Hungary's two main rivers: the Danube and the Tisza). Other famous Hungarian dishes would be Paprikás (paprika stew, meat simmered in thick creamy paprika gravy) served with nokedli (small dumplings), gulyás palacsinta and Dobos Cake (layered sponge cake, with chocolate buttercream filling and topped with a thin caramel slice).

Meat stews, casseroles, steaks, roasted pork, beef, poultry, lamb and the Hungarian sausages and winter salami are a major part of Hungarian cuisine. The mixing of different varieties of meat is a traditional feature of the Hungarian cuisine.Goulash, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabba can combine beef and pork. In very exclusive dishes, fruits like plums and apricots are cooked with meat or in piquant sauces/stuffings for roasts and other cuts. Various kinds of noodles, potatoes, and rice are commonly served as a side dish. The Hungarian cuisine uses a large variety of cheeses, but the most common are a type of quark, cream cheeses, Emmentaler, Edam and the Hungarian cheeses Trappista and Pannonia cheese

Hungarian food is often spicy, due to the common use of hot paprika. Sweet (mild) paprika is also common. Additionally, the combination of paprika, lard and yellow onions is typical of Hungarian cuisine, and the use of the thick sour cream called tejföl.


Máté Erzsébet:

Slimming Diet

I think looks more important. So many people eat unhealthy foods and will become fat. I think we should do more excercises or any sports. Of course we should eat healthy foods and drink lots of liquid. Here are some tips, how to keep your shape!

1 Set goals
If you don’t know where you want to go you won’t get there. Make sure that you know what kind of results you want to achieve by setting your goals clearly. Set up timeframes and be as specific as possible. Visualize your goals in your mind and keep tracking the progress by writing down weekly achievements.

2 Be committed
You have to work hard if you want to change your body shape. Fact. This involves a commitment and a balance of medium-high intensity cardio exercise along with challenging strength training workouts. For weight loss, you'll need to get about five cardio workouts each week for at least 30 minutes combined with resistance training.

3 Think positive
Believe in yourself. You have set your goals and committed to achieve them - now you must stick to your plan. Having the right mindset and visualising yourself achieving your goals is key to success.

4 Boost calorie burn
Interval training involves alternating higher intensity exercises with low intensity recovery periods. Studies have shown that you continue to burn calories even after you've stopped exercising when you train in this way. Interval training is also a great way to keep your workouts very varied and more fun.

5 Work multiple muscle groups
Compound exercises combine major muscle groups. They are the best way to increase strength and build muscle the fastest, while giving you a bigger workout per exercise. They are fantastic workout time savers and will increase your metabolic rate, helping you to burn more calories even after you’ve stopped training.

6 Train smart
Cardio and resistance training should be an essential part of any exercise program. The key is to get the right ratio between both, which will be determined depending on your specific goals. Most women tend to neglect weight training not realising how important it is and how many great benefits it brings. Weight training will give you a lean, strong and toned body, helping you to burn more calories and preventing the onset of diseases such as osteoporosis.

7 Eat a balanced diet
The right nutrition enhances physical activity, performance, recovery, results and ensures that your body is functioning properly. While there are some general guidelines, optimum nutrition and hydration also needs to be adjusted depending on your specific goals and current health. We advise to avoid all complex carbohydrates in the evening and cut out alcohol.


Horváth Nóra:

My Eating Habits

I eat my breakfast at 7 o’clock on schooldays because I have a lesson at 8.15. For breakfast I eat a little. I eat sandwiches, salad or cereal with milk and I drink tea with lemon. On Saturdays and on Sundays is my breakfast between 10 and 12 o’clock, because I sleep longer than on schooldays. Then I don’t have lunch. I eat my lunch between 12 and 13 o’clock on weekdays. The main meal of the day is at lunchtime. For lunch I eat a lot. I eat potatoes with salad, green vegetables, fish or meat. Sometimes I eat food from other countries or ready meals. Once a week I eat vegetarian food. I eat soup as well. I have in my main meal often two courses: main course and dessert. For dessert I eat biscuits, cakes, ice cream or chocolate. I eat my dinner at 18 o’clock. For dinner I eat a little. I eat fruit and I drink tea with lemon. I like all fruit. I love apples, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, oranges.

Sometimes I get take-away meals, because I don’t have enough time for eating normally.

In my opinion, I eat healthy ,but sometimes I like munching. J


Haszon Barbara:

My personal eating habits


My eating habits aren’t as ordered as they should be. Maybe the worst part of it, that I often forget to have a breakfast. When I’m at home, I always make a sandwich for breakfast (and it’s cheaper too), but during schooltime I prefer buying something delicious at the baker’s shop, because I’m able to spare some time this way. I must admit, that I eat fruits and vegetables pretty rarely, especially when I’m busy.  I often buy fast food, because I don’t really have time to cook during weekdays. I know right, that it’s unhealthy, but as long as I’m skinny, it doesn’t really disturb me. Honestly, I love cooking, and the results become better as the time passes by. But I only have time for cooking at the weekends. I love cooking with pasta and eggs, and I often steam vegetables and mix them with rice. I prefer eating chicken, because I find it more delicious than a leg of pork. And I like fish of course, especially „ruszli”. It’s a kind of marinated fish that includes onions too. I would never get bored of eating it, and nobody understands this passion for ruszli, because most of my friends find it disgusting.

I drink tea most of the time (green tea is my favourite), but I really like coca cola as well, and I find water really boring. I know that people are supposed to drink as much water as it’s possible, but for me it doesn’t work. I like juices too, especially when it’s peach.

My another –bad- obsession is, that I could eat chocolates all day. I waste really much money for sweets, and sometimes I feel pretty ashamed for it. Sometimes a table chocolate replaces a whole meat, but I could write the same about crisps too.

I might pay more attention in the future to my eating habits, because as I get older, my body reacts differently to the ingredients of foods. My biggest fear is getting fat and my mother has diabetes, so I should be more careful with sweets.  I’ll try to reduce the number of sweets and sugar included drinks. I would like to be a flight-attendant, and it’s an important part of the job to look good, healthy and comfortable in my body. I really hope that sooner or later my eating habits will be a bit better than now.


Rente Piroska:

My eating habits

I write down what I eat, how much, and what time of day you ate it. Also I write down what else you were doing and how I were feeling, such as being hungry, stressed, tired, or bored. At the end of the week, review my journal and look at my eating habits. If i have school i wake up 06:00 in the morning after taht i always make breakfast because it is healthy. I usually make sandwich with green tea. After that, i have lunch in school cafateria . It is the main meal of the day. There are healthy food. Mostly I eat cooked food for lunch with a big dose of protein like chicken, and a big dose of carbohydrate and a lot of vitamins as well. Forexample: chicken paprika, roast chicken. I eat for dinner very unhealthy: coca-cola, chips, sweets,  because I sit in front of the tv and i watch some films. These are my eating habits in a nutshell.